AKA Bistro February Newsletter!!!

Easter Sunday is early this year

We'll be hoping for warm terrace weather but even if the sun isn't cooperating, we'll have a sparkling and festive holiday menu.

In addition to our popular brunch menu we will be offering a special price fix menu at $39 per person for 3 courses,
excluding tax and gratuity.
Sunday, April 5th from 11am – 3pm
Reservations are strongly recommended.

“Coq au Vin a la Folie”Newsletter

Aka Bistro’s pour for the hearty stew on the Boston Globe!

Come taste this classic FrenchChicken Stew, cooked in red winewith lardon, pearl onions, carrots, and served on a bed of butter-garlic campanelle pasta. This tasty dish is available on our menu today but starting January 12ththrough February 12th, from Monday to Thursday, we will be featuring it in our new “Coq au Vin” Menu for only $29. The menu includes a choice of MesclunSalad or the Soup of the Day as well as a glass of our wonderful red wine, Côtes du Rhône – Chateau du Trignon.

AKA Bistro - Latest Fall Menu -

When the weather changes you can count on the menu at Aka is changing too. Discover our latest fall dishes featuring local farm ingredients.

Can You Keep a Secret?
Ultra-Exclusive Sunday Night Omakase Sessions Debut Soon

This intimate culinary experience combines adventurous dining, performance art, and education. Aka Bistro chef-owner Chris Chung invites omakase fans – whether first-timer or seasoned pro – to join him on Sunday evenings at 5:30 PM for an 8 to 10 course, seasonal omakase menu priced at $135 per person .… with two critical caveats:

1) Seats for Sunday night must be reserved by Thursday night
2) Only 8 seats are available for each omakase session

Pricing for omakase excludes MA state sales tax, gratuity, and beverages (chef will suggest pairings with wine, beer, sake or tea). Aka Bistro must be informed of any allergies/dietary restrictions at the time of reservation.

Omakase reservations are being accepted for Sunday, March 8 and beyond. Act fast to get in on the most exclusive and unique dining experience in Metrowest. Phone 781-259-9920.

Introducing Shabu-Shabu

Every Monday night, starting on March 9th, Chef Chung will be serving Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese dish featuring thinly sliced poultry and wild game, beef, or seafood, boiled in broth. The term is an onomatopœia, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot. The dish is similar to sukiyaki in style; both consist of thinly sliced meat and vegetables and are served with dipping sauces, however, Shabu-shabu is considered to be more savory. This dish is made to share and priced at $55 for two people.  

Custom Sashimi Platters to Go

AKA Bistro Chef Chris Chung is now creating custom sashimi platters for the holidays and beyond. Treat yourself to cutting edge bites of healthy fresh fish, or any item on our Japanese menu. We’ll create platters for 4 or 400. Prices vary. Advance ordering is essential. Sashimi
  Photo Credit: Andy Ryan